Islamic Studies

Our Vision

The Islamic studies department is dedicated in helping students to promote the academic knowledge based on authentic original Islamic sources. We also aim to disseminate Islamic knowledge in an environment that accords with Islamic values and thus tries to emulate Islamic norms and values in which that knowledge is matured, nurtured, and developed. It also provides the best opportunity for students who want a deeper understanding of Islam, its philosophy, and its law, in its right context and perspective.

Aims & Objectives

  • Produce a new generation of Muslims to serve Islam and Daw’ah (oration) according to the principles of the Qur’an and Sunnah (The Prophets sayings and practice).
  • To attract the students to pursue Islamic studies and achieve academic degrees in order to widen their knowledge from authentic sources, and strengthen their faith and establish their conviction in the peaceful nature of Islam.
  • Bring the Quran once again to the forefront of Muslim daily life
  • Provide intensive courses in Arabic and English language courses
  • To provide an integrated approach in acquiring a critical, constructive, and comprehensive understanding of issues and topics about Islam.
  • To create an inclusive environment for both Muslims and non-Muslims from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • To help students become more articulate, independent, and reflective learners.


The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies aims to combine a thorough understanding of the Arabic language, Arabic literature, linguistic and intellectual traditions of the Islamic world. The Department offers an undergraduate major in Arabic and graduate programs at the M.A. and B.S level Islamic Studies with concentrations in Arabic Literature, Arabic Linguistics, and Islamic Studies. The Islamic Studies program also offers an opportunity to explore the political, historical, social, and religious aspects Islamic societies

Awards and Accolades received by Islamic Studies department students/faculty

Gold Medalists of Islamic Studies Department.

Shahnaz Sherani  received a Gold Medal in 2018 on the completion of her Master  degree in Islamic Studies  from Sardar Bahadur Khan Women`s  University Quetta ..

Shahnaz Sherani

HOD Department of Education

SBK Sub Campus Pishin.