Finance Department

The Finance Department of S.B.K Women University Pishin Campus supports and leads areas of accounting, financial reporting, financial operations, data analysis, systems support, procurement, travel services, benefits, risk management, payroll, tax, internal and external audit. As a sub campus we follow the financial procedure of Quetta Campus as it controls the working of all its sub- sections under the provision of S.B.K Women University Quetta Act No IX of 2004. Currently S.B.K Quetta University is following the financial rules and regulations of Federal Government as its own rules are in process of finalization. The Finance department has been divided into following section’s.

  • Budget Section
  • Payroll Section
  • Accounts Payable / Book keeping Section
  • Procurement Section
  • Employee Fund Section

Budgeting Section

This section provides a window into budgeting for the various funds at the university, and includes topics such as: what policies are applicable; how are budgets created; how are budgets changed and under what conditions; authorizations &utilization required; and where to obtain additional assistance.

Payroll Section

The Payroll Section provides a comprehensive service to university employees, casual staff and pensioners on all payroll related matters.

Accounts / Book keeping Section

 This section is responsible for processing university payments to internal and external stake holders for ensuring the correct, timely payment of invoices and expenses and keeps the record of transactions (Book keeping). It is also committed for reporting of financial data to all relevant stakeholder’s including HEC.

Procurement Section.

This section is involved in all activities of supply chain. this includes purchasing, receiving and storing/ inspection of all type receiving and capital assets

                                                                                                                                         Assistant Director Finance