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  1. Induction of salinity tolerance in wheat through pre-sowing seed treatment with calcium chloride
    Javeriagul, Iqbal Hussain*, Sumaira Thind, Muhammad Arslan Ashraf, Rizwan Rasheed

    Department of Botany, Government College University, Faisalabad (38000), Pakistan
    *For correspondence: Tel: +92 333 6621825; Fax: +92 41 9200671; Email:

    Salinity is considered as major constraint for sustainable agriculture. A number of attempts have been made to enhance salinity tolerance of crop plants but with limited success. Therefore, there is a dire need to improve salinity tolerance of crop plants. Use of diverse chemicals either as foliar application or as seed pre-sowing treatment is an extensively studied area. However, there exists limited information on the induction of salinity tolerance through pre-sowing seed treatment in crop plants particularly in wheat. Therefore, the present study was planned to evaluate the degree of salinity tolerance in wheat plants raised from pre-sowing seed treatment with calcium chloride. Seed of four wheat cultivar (Galaxy-2013, Punjab-2011, Faisalabad-2008 and EV-8203) were primed with calcium chloride (CaCl2-100mM) and sown in pots filled with saline soil (0,4,8 and 12 dsm-1) of NaCl, Na2SO4 and MgSO4 salts. Salinity markedly reduced emergence rate and plant heights in all four varieties. However, CaCl2 enhanced plant height and number of tillers per plant in Galaxy-2013 and Punjab-2011 than other varieties. Reduction in chlorophyll fluorescence and leaf water potential was more pronounced in Punjab-2011 and FSD-2008. Cultivar Galaxy-2013 and FSD-2008 were found salt tolerant as compared to cv. Punjab-2011 and EV-8203 in terms of lower levels of H2O2, malondialdehyde (MDA) and higher activities of antioxidant enzymes. Salt-induced secondary stress (oxidative stress) greatly hampered plant growth, being maximal in sensitive cultivar. In our study, an increase in free amino acid, total anthocyanin, soluble sugar and protein contents was recorded in plants raised from seeds treated with CaCl2. Likewise, we have found a prominent improvement in oxidative defense mechanism as a result of pre-sowing seed treatment with CaCl2.
    Key words: salinity. Wheat. cacl2.

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