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The International Conference on
"Women’s Empowerment and Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities"
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About Conference
Research in Social Sciences in Pakistan and especially in the area of Women empowerment and Women Leadership is far behind due to the consistent negligence on the part of policy makers. By and large the state and society of Pakistan have paid dearly for this disregard. The socio-economic Development, Human right particularly women rights, its empowerment, political conditions of Pakistan and Specially the role of women in Politics / Women Leadership and in economic growth are precarious. Unfortunate, the state is distraught by weak democratic institutions, praetorian state apparatuses, conservative socio-cultural ethos, exclusive and contending religious ideologies, increasing social stratification, infiltrating globalization, identity related contestations, exploitative economic structures, most widely the gender discrimination, man domination vulnerable security structures and competing global power interests. However, despite all these challenges, the scholars and researchers display an unbounded interest in the promotion as social scientists specially in the field Women Empowerment and Women Leadership, which is not only a Mega project for the region but will be a real game changer as well. the role of women in the CPEC project will be on its peak and through this conference we will highlight all the opportunities and also challenges that how to identify and resolve. This International Conference is the ever idea to be initiated in Baluchistan for the first time in history.

The focus of the upcoming international conference is to provide space of expression and discovery the role of Women empowerment and women Leadership in multiple parameters; especially within the realm of female expression, voice and various issues and concerns related to females in general. This conference will be a platform to discuss the relationship between women and society in historical, social, legal, creative and economical contexts. The conference aims to provide an environment for academics, researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and recent developments on the topic of women Empowerment and Women Leadership as a case study of CPEC. The conference is expected to foster networking and collaboration amongst participants to advance specific theories and the general practice of academia.

Conference date: 03rd - 04th October, 2018

Conference Venue: Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University, Brewary Road, Quetta, Pakistan

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 25th August, 2018

Note: Abstract submission date has been extended to September 01,2018

Notification of the Acceptance: 31st August, 2018

Final Submission of Paper: 7th September, 2018

SBKWU is the first women’s University of the province Balochistan, Pakistan. Though, the need for the establishment of women’s university was felt from the several years by the people of Balochistan, however, this university was materialized and started working in the year 2004. With its creation, it opened doors of endless opportunities for the women of Balochistan, who could not pursue quality education in co-educational institution. Currently, more than 4000 female students are enrolled in this university , which could be considered as the highest percentage of women getting enrolled in the Balochistan. Furthermore, number of students and departments in the various disciplines are also increasing each year , which is the sign of quality education provided by the Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta. Therefore, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) had declared the SBKWU as its flag ship project in 2008. This year we have introduced Ph.D. programme besides M.Phil. M.Sc. and B.S . All such programmes will produce the highly qualified and skilled women that could easily provide their services at public, semi government and private sectors in the future.
Conference Sub-Themes
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  • Diversity Management and Women
  • Women in Management and Leadership in a Cultural Context
  • Entrepreneurship and Women
  • Women’s Capacity and Innovation
  • Women in the Banking and Finance Sector
  • Women and Family Business
  • Women into Franchising Business
  • Opportunities for Women in business in the perspective of CPEC
  • Family Law and Family rights
  • Divorce
  • Succession and Inheritance
  • Women-oriented business legislation
  • Criminal Law
  • Legislative measures on violence against women
  • Private International Law
  • CEDAW and women’s rights
  • Women and public administration
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Gender Issues: Gender and Information Technology
  • Information and Knowledge Systems Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Mobile Innovation and Mobile Security
  • Scientific Research and Development
  • Women in IT Resources Management
  • Women in IT Resources, Logistics, and Supply Chain
  • Women, Technology, and the Law
  • Attracting, Developing and Retaining Women IT Engineers and Scientists
  • Equality Best Practice Models
  • Pathways into the IT workforce
  • Education and Women’s Empowerment
  • Women’s Education and Global Citizenship
  • Pakistani Women in Education
  • Women and Globalization
  • Women’s Leadership Identity Formation
  • Women’s Status, Authority and Power
  • Women and Development
  • Women and the Changing Nature of Family Life
  • Women across Cultures
  • Women in the Media
  • Women and/in Art
  • Women and/in Fashion
  • Women’s Achievements in the Sciences
  • Women’s Changing Roles in the Workplace
  • Women in Atypical Professions
  • Women’s Changing Roles in Society
  • Women's Health Consciousness
  • Sociolinguistics and Women’s Discourse
  • Feminism versus Femininity
  • Women empowerment in the project CPEC
  • Gender Issues for Women in Design
  • Women’s Role in Society and Art
  • Design Theory and its Application
  • Design Creativity and Innovation
  • Inspiring and Empowering Women in Design
  • Design for Women Leadership and Development
  • Women in Art, Architecture, and Design in South Asia
  • Professional Women in Architecture
  • Leading Women in the Design profession
Registration & Fee
Registration fee for the Conference is Non-Refundable / Non-Transferable
Participants Rs.500
Student Presenters Rs.1000
Faculty / Professional Presenters Rs.2000
International Participants US $ 100
Call For Papers
 Participate   Present    Publish 

Abstract should be of maximum 250 words followed by 4 keywords, following APA guidelines for academic writing. Abstracts and final papers are only accepted in a Microsoft Word .doc format.

After the acceptance of the Abstracts, Conference Registration Fee should be submitted in the A/C # 4111477748 NBP.

The accepted papers will be published in SBKWU’s Social Science Journal after the approval of Journal’s review committee.

For all the Queries related with submission, registration and themes of the conference, please Contact:

  1. Dr. Shumaila Umaer (Focal Person)
  2. Akram Tareen (Coordinator)
  3. Cell #: 00923323695649 / 00923153737377
For Abstract and paper submission Please Email on:
Oral / Power point PresentationParticipants will have 20 minutes for the oral presentation of their papers. Virtual Presentation We encourage virtual presentations of the accepted research papers in the conference in order to facilitate our foreign presents, keeping in mind their prior commitments, geographical restrictions and time limitations. However, we do not allow presentations by video-conferencing but presenters have the opportunity to submit a video of their presentation for the conference.
Program & Certification
The International Conference on Women’s Empowerment and Women’s Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities will feature plenary sessions by some of the world’s leading social scientists and innovators in the field. We are currently in our selection process. Visit our website soon, for a detailed conference program or sign up to our University’s Newsletter for upcoming academic ventures.
Boarding and Lodging
Conference participants will not be provided with accommodation and T.A / D.A if they are traveling from other cities to present their papers. However, the accommodation arrangements could be done on prior request.
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