Information Technology Section

The Department of Information Technology was established in 2018. From the Beginning the department of Information Technology is committed to providing the highest quality technology services and support, thereby enhancing the operation, management, research, and educational capabilities within the university.

The department is dedicated to provide the premier technology services and support with quality, in this manner enhancing the I.T operation, management, research, and learning capacity in the university.

Systems Support

The Department of Information Technology provides system support to installs, tests and maintains software products and operating systems for all System within university. Also provides technical support and consulting to operations and other staff in variety of projects and topics as requested.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Services is fully equipped to handle all University‘s academic and administrative video conference needs to provide the highest quality video conferencing services possible. Academic and management use this facility to participate in lectures, workshops and meeting form different university within or outside of country

Communication Technology Services.

IT Department also manages the communications infrastructure that provides Wi-Fi, voice, video, and data, including integrated voice response, telephony, and wide area network. 


IT department provides and manages Wi-Fi services within University.

I.T Training Program

IT department has also started a Student’s/Admin staff IT training program. This program covers all the Basics and Professional knowledge of IT.