Establishment department

 Establishment department ensures that the act, statutes, rules and regulations are faithfully observed in the university


  • Provide administrative support to all administrative departments and the faculty staff.
  •  To administer the daily operations of all teaching staff and administrative departments.
  • Ensures the availability of human resource in accordance with HR department and also corresponds with relevant government department.
  •  To ensure that all the tasks are prepared in accordance with the policies of the university.
  • Manages personal files of all the administrative staff and faculty members.
  • Keep track of the casual and earned leaves record of all the administrative staff and faculty.
  • Conducts the meetings of different authorities of the university like Senate, Syndicate, academic commit, BOS and different committees constituted by the University.
  • Providing the experience certificates and no objection certificate to all the staff of University.
  • Initiates all the matters pertaining to the disciplinary actions.
  • Any other function assigned by the campus director of the university.
  • To issue all the Appointment and general orders of the relevant departments

 Student Affair Department

 Student affair department aims to enhance the quality of student’s life inside and outside the lecture room. The primary role of student affair is to provide assistance to the students in every possible manner. It Leeds, directs and helps to administer overall functions of student regarding their counselling, disciplines and all the problems regarding academics or co-curricular activities faced by students.


  • To be liaison between students, faculty and administration.
  • To ensure students life at the campus is free from all the worries and destructions.
  • To ensure that students are made capable of managing the stress and strains of student life.
  • To provide a platform to the students to gain rich experience and multidimensional growth.
  • Enter  the complete record of the students  and issued the enrollment number to the students
  • Generate the student ID card request
  • Issued the student ID cards to the students
  • Provide the students record to the Scholarship department for the different scholarships
  • Provision of all the record of  the Fee in coordination with the Finance Department
  • Send all the enrolled students record to the departments.
  • Send all the enrolment record to the Examination Cell
  • Maintain student’s existing record after every semester.
  • Send admission fee notice to the students in their departments.
  • Provision of Certificates to the students e.g. bonafide certificate, NOC
  • Information/Query center desk for students.
  • Facilitate the departmental migration cases.
  • Liaison with the guardians/parents
  • Facilitation in clearance, library cards, Student ID cards
  • Student’s empowerment programs/ career service
  • Issuance of character certificate.
  • Issuance of freeze and un freeze semester letter to the students


‘Welcome to join the Quest of Excellence’

  1. Masters
  2. BS 4 years
S.NoDepartmentProgramme Offered
Faculty of Computer Science
1.Computer ScienceBS CSMCS
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Faculty of Social Sciences

Prerequisites for admissions for Master’s Degree Program

1Computer ScienceB.A/ B.Sc (With Maths/ Computer Science)
2EnglishB.A/ B.Sc or equivalent degree
3IslamiatB.A/ B.Sc or equivalent degree
4EducationB.A/ B.Sc or equivalent degree

Fee Structure for Master Degree

FEE STRUCTURE FOR B.S (4 Years) & Master (2 Years) 2019 (COMPUTER SCIENCE)
DetailInitial Fee20 % Off for PishinPer Semester Fee 
Admission Fee6,2005,000  
Examination Fee1,2009601,200 
Tuition Fee5,0604,0005,060 
I.D Card Fe170140  
Student Cultural Activities665540665 
Sports Fee775620775 
Library Fee1,2009601,200 
Lab Fee/Laboratory Fee1,2009601,200 
Security Refundable1,200960  
Total Fee176701414010100

Prerequisites for admission for BS Degree Program

1Computer ScienceF.Sc/ Pre-Egineering /ICS

Fee structure for BS 4 year’s program

DetailInitial Fee20% off for PishinPer Semester Fee 
Admission Fee1,200960  
Examination Fee1,2009601,200 
Tuition Fee2,5002,0002,500 
I.D Card Fee170140  
Students Cultural Activities665540665 
Sports Fee775620775 
Library Fee12009601,200 
Laboratory Fee    
Security Refundable1200960  
Total Fee8,9107,1406,340
Lab Fee / Field Work12009601,200
Total Fee for Social Work / Fine Arts/ Education10,1108,1007540

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 Registration department

The registration department processes and maintains records of the transactions of student’s registration.  This department ensures to offer students the best possible service regarding their registration policy of SBKWU Sub-Campus Pishin and helps to deal with the policy of migration from other boards and institutions.

Objectives and goals

  • Ensures the proper understanding of students regarding the registration policy of SBKWU sub-campus Pishin.
  • Facilitates the students regarding issues of migration and transfer of credits.
  • To ensure smooth running of the process of registration without violating any rules defined by the competent authorities of the SBKWU University Sub-Campus Pishin.

 Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department at SBKWU Sub-Campus Pishin has a high priority on creating an environment where faculty and staff do their best to achieve the goals of the university, for this purpose hiring of faculty and administrative staff is done by the HR department in highly efficient and effective manner.


  • To provide ways to the faculty and Administrative staff for professional development.
  • To access the need of Human Resource both for faculty and administrative staff.
  • To provide training facilities to enhance the capability of individuals for achieving the long term goals of the SBKWU Sub-Campus Pishin.
  • To ensure an environment where individuals feel sense of responsibility, Cooperation and teamwork inculcating in SBKWU Sub-Campus Pishin in order to be one of the leading Institutions of Pakistan.


  • A candidate seeking admission to master’s degree program in a subject must have fourteen years of schooling possessing last pass degree.
  • A candidate seeking admission to BS degree program in a subject must have twelve years of schooling possessing last pass degree.
  • The students with failure in any subject (supply) will not be entertained for admission in BS or master’s.
  • Entry test consisting of 50 marks for admission designed by respective department will be necessary for a candidate to take for admission in Master’s / BS program.
  • A candidate must take interview consisting of 50 marks after entry test for admission to Master’s / BS program.
  • Admission will be given to those candidates who score at least 50% marks altogether.
  • The candidate seeking admission in any subject must qualify the   pre requisite.

Jasmia Sana

 Assistant Registrar

Sbkwu Pishin Campus