English Department


The English Department at SBK Women’s University is home to a diverse and dynamic group of academics working in a range of areas of Literature, Linguistics and Culture from the Dark Ages to the Post Modern world Teaching is at the core of what pursue, and we seek, at all levels, to encourage forms of critical thinking that have a wide application in the contemporary world. While fully committed to the study of Literature and Linguistics, we are also attentive to the wider powers of narrative and metaphor as they shape general and political discourse, our sense of history and everyday life.


The general mission of the English Department is to stimulate literacy-specifically the capacity to read, write, and think critically. This mission includes fostering of such technological literacy as information retrieval, research, and communication. Literate individuals can gather, analyze, and communicate information effectively as well as think creatively and draw independent conclusions-skills that are the cornerstone of a healthy democracy and key to the future of an urban area in an increasingly information-based economy. The Department fosters these goals through instruction in all areas of Literatures written in English and in the production and reception of a variety of texts, including academic, professional, and critical writing. We also have a dynamic course of Linguistics. These goals thread through the Department’s wide range of programs and interests, where students are introduced to the skills of critical thinking, reading, and writing through their degree programs of BS and M.A. We also aim to foster the skills of analysis, criticism, and written argument and thus working out the next generation of educators and researchers.


The department has thus far mitigated the dearth of female teachers in Baluchistan, with the highest job placement rate throughout the university. Graduates are sought after even before convocation. They are currently serving in the far flung areas of Baluchistan and throughout the country. Current Faculty is involved in promotion of free-lance work, communication and journalism, professional and technical writing consultancies. The department has also contributed to the provision of human resource for Professional careers as teachers, researchers and administrators in universities and other institutions of higher learning. The department is fully alive to the mission of accelerating the university on its rising track. Besides their role as educators, many faculty members are involved in administrative chores.

Awards and Accolades received by English department students/faculty

Gold Medalists of English Department

Momal Malghani received a Gold Medal in 2018 on the completion of her MS degree in English Language and Literature from Buitems University.

Mamal Malghani

HOD Department of English

SBK Sub Campus Pishin.