Director’s Message

SBK Women University Sub campus Khuzdar is being an emerging female higher educational institution in Kalat Division at Khuzdar. Round the globe, universities are considered as a catalyst for change. We are looking forward to the desired change and to achieve excellence by promoting quality higher education in a conducive environment, which we need to prosper as a nation. All across the globe, individuals, organizations and governments recognize that education is the defining issue of our time, crucial to everything from personal opportunity and social mobility to world peace and prosperity. The milestones can only be achieved by joint efforts of stakeholders such as the qualified faculty, dedicated staff, talented students and Government functionaries. Like every other thoughtful institute SBK Women’s University Sub Campus Khuzdar has a vision for knowledge based economy and to transform this dream into reality, with sincerity of Nobel an national cause, In Sha Allah we shall succeed to make the Sub Campus Khuzdar one of the leading institution of Pakistan and have a long lasting impact on the socio economic development of country.


To be one of the leading women’s university in region, to provide quality and affordable higher education in a conducive environment.


To produce globally proficient and creative female graduates to meet the challenges of 21st century and contribute in the success and development of the country.