Establishment department

 Establishment department ensures that the act, statutes, rules and regulations are faithfully observed in the university


  • Provide administrative support to all administrative departments and the faculty staff.
  •  To administer the daily operations of all teaching staff and administrative departments.
  • Ensures the availability of human resource in accordance with HR department and also corresponds with relevant government department.
  •  To ensure that all the tasks are prepared in accordance with the policies of the university.
  • Manages personal files of all the administrative staff and faculty members.
  • Keep track of the casual and earned leaves record of all the administrative staff and faculty.
  • Conducts the meetings of different authorities of the university like Senate, Syndicate, academic commit, BOS and different committees constituted by the University.
  • Providing the experience certificates and no objection certificate to all the staff of University.
  • Initiates all the matters pertaining to the disciplinary actions.
  • Any other function assigned by the campus director of the university.
  • To issue all the Appointment and general orders of the relevant departments