Sociology deparment was established in 2004 as the univeristy created.
the function of department is to provide a healthy and learning envoirment to the students coming from different backgrounds  by gving them proper motivation ,inspration and guidance to seek knowledge at every level of their  life ,sociology department its well qualif ied staff since its inception is working   on the implementation  of providing  the best and advanced  knowledge  to  the students which will  further strenghtens  the future of students till whereever it leads…
To deliver learning at its best for inspiration towards seeking of knowledge
to bring composed individuals after all treads of life and gathers them under one banner of societal learning and awareness


To deliver learning at its best for inspiration towards seeking of knowledge
to bring composed individuals after all treads of life and gathers them under one banner of societal learning and awareness


An acedemy of providing irreplaceble lessons and experiencing environment to the students from different backgrounds  for understanding, analyzing and practically implentating of  the knowledge based on  ground realities  and challenging social issues at grassroots level and to carry out action researches,  also by implementing those approaches towards viable solutions of the society, that will enable students to know the process of societal ground realities in the form of theory and practice as an universal phenomenon. 

Sociology is a social science like are education, economics, political science, civics, and gender studies, etc. Now let me tell you that Sociology is a general subject covering specific domains like social work, gender studies, population studies, criminology, urban sociology, rural sociology etc. Now you must know that Sociology students can also do jobs in all the fields related to society.

After doing  B.S ,MA and M.phil Sociology (Now MSc Sociology) you can go into the following fields and choose your best job and career their:

Sociology experts and professionals can get government jobs in the following Govt. Departments:

Health department

Population welfare department

Social welfare department

Police and Crime branch

Pakistan Beuro of Statistics

Education Department
Apart from regular 12 to 17 scale jobs, Sociology graduates can prepare for CSS exams where sociology will help them a lot and they can get a 17 scale job in any desired Govt Department.

Thousands of jobs are announced in these departments every year. These jobs are announced through PPSC, FPSC, SPSC and NTS, so if you can pass these tests, the Govt Job is a guarantee.


 Shereen yonus :A.P

Safia Habib: A.P

farah naseer  :LECTURER

seemab abid :LECTURER

noreen quddus: RESEARCH OFFICER

Yasmeen syed :LECTURER

Gulshan Muneer :LECTURER

Dr. shumila Umer :A.P

Palwasha Ain u ind  :LECTURER


shabana :LECTURER


REPORT On the Following Events arranged/presented by sociology department
1 Cultural Day: 19-3-2018

It was a cultural day celebrated at sardar bahadur khan women’s university Quetta arranged by sociology department our respected v.c madam rukhsana jabeen was their along with madam registrar Anjum perviaz the chief guest of the function was Major Gernal  Nadeem Ahmed Anjum IG Fc Balochistan. The purpose of function was to celebrate the true colors of Pakistan day 23rd march that is not possible without anyone of the province’s culture so sociology department presented every color and aspect of Pakistan in these cultures.

2. Anti-sexual harassment work shop: 18-5-2018
Sociology department has arranged a workshop by welcoming every girl from every department to be the part of it. As it was an awareness program for all the girls in the university. Sociology department welcomed Dr mariyum from Islamabad as she is also working as a social activist and really good command on the sexual harassment issues.

3. Turkish Jewelry display: 5-9-2018
 An event on Turkish jewelry display was arranged by sociology department in the university for the girls with a wide range of precious and unique form of jewelry that has specially being imported from turkey to Quetta  so that our girls could come across new ways of wearing and experimenting jewelry .

4. International conference on women empower and leadership challenges: 3,4-10-2018
Details: It has been the tradition of SBK Women’s University Quetta to come up with new ideas and provide the platform which is always remain a dream for any one before…. The University has organized the 6th International Conference on Women’s Empowerment and leadership, Indeed a step which made an history for the Empowerment of Women because around 1000 delegates including participants across the world they had taken part in it.. Where they had presented quality research work and a way towards the destination.. Scholars from different countries given the Grace to this International Conference, Scholars and renowned personalities from the country made this Conference more interesting.. No doubt it was a great day for #SBKWU and by the end credit goes to the administration the Worthy VC and the organizing Committee for organizing such a great event and given a chance to students to interact with the renowned scholars and personalities to learn a lot from them…

Guests Speakers were








5: international day of the Girl’s:11-10-2018
The day was celebrated to let a girl know about how she is important to the society. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife she is the one who gives birth to a whole linage in the society .She is respected and honorable. Our very own highly regarded madam v.c was the guest of honor in the event along with madam registrar and Head of Department of sociology
6 International peace day: 15-11-2018
If we ourselves remain angry and then sing world peace, it has little meaning. First, our individual self must learn peace. This we can practice. Then we can teach the rest of the world…. And this is what we are doing, and teaching the lesson of peace, which is the ever fundamental need of time…. Pakistan and specially Balochistan is a Peace loving place and we have to give this message across the world… the department of Sociology of SBK Women’s University  has tried their best for organizing a world peace day with an objective to encourage the activities , which explore the thoughts of love , Respect , Peace , Brotherhood and humanity… Kindness to the worthy Vice Chancellor who always played a front role for the promotion of these kind of activities..


s sociology is famous for its functining skills in every area of the society same it funtions to guide and teach students regarding all fields of the life for the viable learning  Host and refugee resource center funded by German foreign federal association by GIZZ 2018  to the sociology department for the better  learning and receiving online knowledge at all levels .