About Nushki Campus

  • Our Vision
  • To be a globally renowned university in teaching, learning, research and entrepreneurship.
  • Mission Statement
  • To provide positive learning environment where students can attain quality education to face the challenges of the future.
  • To develop and implement a research strategy on social, economic and environmental problems facing the region, nation and world.
  • Core Values
Excellence:Excellence in teaching and delivering high quality programs to the community.
Accountability:Expect accountability in university operations at all levels.
Honesty:Honesty and Integrity in all university activities and decision making.
Research and Innovation:Foster research culture in students and faculty in all its disciplines.
Equal Opportunity:Provide opportunity of growth to every employee regardless of gender, race and color.
  • Specific Objectives
  • Recruit, nurture and retain a diverse faculty and competitive staff who provide outstanding support in all disciplines of the university.
  • Enroll, educate and graduate the most deserving and promising students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Develop new academic programs that respond to regional and national needs and student demand.
  • Develop and achieve student learning outcomes within academic programs.
  • Promote stronger collaboration and partnership between the university and stakeholders to strengthen the on-campus research.
  • Programs
S No.ProgramDuration
1BS (Computer Science )4 Years
2BS (English)4 Years
3BS (Education)4 Years
4BS (Islamic Studies)4 Years
5BS (English)2.5 Year
  • Administration Staff Detail
S.NoNameOfficial Email AddressDesignationsChargeQualifications
1Mr. Iftikhar ShahDirector.Nushki@sbkwu.edu.pkDirector MSc
2Mr. Abdul RehmanAbdul.Rehman@sbkwu.edu.pkAsst: Registrar Masters
3Mr. Aman UllahAmanullah.mengal@sbkwu.edu.pkAsst: ControllerQAA Focal PersonMPhil
4Mr. Liaquat ShahLiaquat.Shah@sbkwu.edu.pkAsst: Director Finance Masters
5Mr. Behroz KhanBehroz.khan@sbkwu.edu.pkAsst: System /Network Engineer QAABS(IT)
6Mr. Tariq ShahAghatariq378@hmail.comAsst: Security Officer (for the short term) Masters
7Mr. Mehr UllahMehrullah@sbkwu.edu.pkAsst: Computer Operator MCS
8Mr. Abdul BasitAbdul.Basit@sbkwu.edu.pkAsst: Computer Operator MCS
9Mr. Ali JanAli.Jan@sbkwu.edu.pkAsst: Computer Operator M.A
10Ms PariwashPari.Wash@sbkwu.edu.pkOffice Secretary MSc
11Shakeel AhmedShakeel.ahmed@sbkwu.edu.pkIT Technician MCS
12Mr. Ejaz AhmedEjaz.Ahmed@sbkwu.edu.pkJunior Clerk BBA
13Mr. Baloch KhanBaloch.Khan@sbkwu.edu.pkJunior Clerk BA
14Ms. ShahbanoShahbano@sbkwu.edu.pkJunior Clerk MA
15Ms. Neelam PariNeelam.SBK@gmail.comJunior Clerk BA
16Ms Zeenat KhanZeenat.Khan@sbkwu.edu.pkJunior Clerk MSc
  • Faculty Staff Detail
S.noNameOfficial Email AddressDesignationQualifications
1Sadia Ghafarsadia.ghaffar@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturerMPhil Education
2Sumaira NisarSumaira.Nisar@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturer/HODM.A Education
3Gul Khandagul.khanda@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturer/HODMPhil
4Faimafaimayounas786@gmail.comLecturerM.A Islamiyath
5Hafeeza BanoHafeeza.Bano@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturer/HODM.A Islamiyath
6Farkhanda KiranFarkhanda.kiran@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturerBS (CS)
7Perveen AzamParveen.azam@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturer/HODMPhil
8Mehr NigarMeher.Nigar.sbkwu.edu.pkLecturerM.A Pak Studies
9JameelaJamila@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturerM.A Pak Studies
10SafiaSafia.Yousaf@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturerM.A Islamiyath
11Kausar Abdul Majeedkousar.majeed@sbkwu.edu.pkLecturerBS (IT)