Social Work


Social work is an academic discipline and practice-based profession that concerns itself with individuals, familiesgroupscommunities and society as a whole in an effort to meet basic needs and enhance social functioning, self-determination, collective responsibility, and overall well-being. The Social Work Department was established in 2005 with 2 faculty members and 7 students. The aim of this department establishment was to equip the students with latest social work models and principals to work and help people by themselves.


The vision of Social Work Department is to build caring women with self sufficiency, dignity, harmony and happiness. SBKWU program in Social Work Professional Sciences is to be a leader in social justice oriented undergraduate social work education locally, nationally and globally through innovative educational partnerships and a strong adherence to diversity and the values of Social Work education.


To provide quality social work education to enable our women to meet life’s challenges, to promote social and family responsibilities, To develop individual potential and reward results, to empower and build an innovative, cohesive and professional women.


Currently Social Work Department offering admission in BS and Masters Program. The aim of Social Work department is to provide best education to the females of region and to produce quality professional social workers in order to highlight victorious destination. Professional social workers will possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of the major social problems, socio economic conditions and characteristics of Pakistan, particularly Balochistan. Social work education has also a great demand at international levels for job opportunities.

Graduates will have the opportunities of different field of area Professional Social Worker, Medical and psychiatric social welfare settings, rural community development projects, urban community development projects, Family and child welfare centers, women welfare centers, population welfare department and rehabilitations centers.


The following goals and aims of SBKWU Social work Deptt are linked to the student learning outcomes of the university:

  • Critical Thinking and Research: students will apply critical thinking skills in order research.
  • Practice as a Professional Social Worker: students will identify as professional Social Worker and become leaders engaging, assessing, intervening, and evaluating client systems at all levels, with an understanding of inter-professional practice through field work.
  • Ethics and Values: students will be able to engage in a decision making process based on the ethical principles of social work and identifying personal and professional values that play a role in that process.
  • Human Behavior and Diversity: students will be able to utilize social work cultural competency standards and theories of human behavior grounded in a person-in-environment perspective, including bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment.


Resource Center is established in the Department with the help of Aurat Foundation in 2016 where a Seminar Library and Digital Library are also functioning. 16 computers and 200 Books are available in this Resource Center for students. Resource Center is also equipped with Photostat machine, scanner and Projector.


At the end of every semester students perform 6 weeks Block field work which helps them to enhance their capabilities and capacities.

The following activities are conducted by students during field work so far.

  • Seminars on Breast Cancer, Tuber Culosis, Dermatology, Special Education, and Psychiatric Problems are conducted by students every year.
  • A grand seminar was conducted by social work deptt on the survivals of 15 June to pay a tribute to Shuhada of SBK and for the students and faculty to come out from trauma successfully.
  • Students have extensive experience to work in Baitul-Mal and for the welfare of deprived children.
  • Students carry out their field work in different NGO’s and work with under-privileged communities.
  • As a social worker students work for jobless and homeless people. They work for environment, organize charity campaigns for special children and communities.
  • Students work as school social workers in different primary and high schools and day care centers.
  • Students work on women empowerment, early child marriages and forced marriages.
  • Students arrange different stalls for fund raising.

Career/Job Opportunities

  • Women Development
  • Baitul-Mal/ Zakat
  • Social Welfare
  • Mental Health
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Community Development
  • Special education
  • Development Sector
  • Education