Vision: To develop outstanding and research oriented Economics programs with faculty that is recognized for excellence in instruction, research and service.

Mission statement:Economics department is committed to broaden the opportunity set for female youth of Balochistan by promoting, enhancing and maintaining affordable high-quality education and training in the field of Economics. Economics Department aims and strives to prepare each student to participate effectively as an informed citizen in the economic affairs of the society by enhancing their ability to assess economic activity and to contribute productively in their careers using knowledge learned during their study of economics.


The department of Economics, the first department within Faculty of Management Sciences, was established at the university soon after its inception in March 2004. Department is currently running M.Sc, and BS programmes with a view of achieving academic excellence by way of opening up new vistas in the field of Economics. Economics Department also initiated M.Philprogramme in 2013 which was later halted by HEC in 2018 due to unavailability of two Ph.D faculty members in the department.

At SBKWU economists are trained in Economic Theory and applied economic analysis. We strongly realize the importance of extending the knowledge of Economics at an academic level. In addition to the core courses the programmes offer a wide range of Elective subjects. It offers students an opportunity to study particular areas of economics in greater depth, from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective. It not only prepares the theoretical foundations of the students but also requires them to undertake a research project/paper in the final year. The degrees in Economics are professional degrees that prepare students for careers in the private sector as economic analysts in businesses, consultancy firms, financial institutions, and applied research firms. They may also find jobs in international organizations (World Bank, IMF, International Labour Organization etc.), government (all ministries) and non-profit organizations (non government organizations, universities and other teaching jobs).

Long Term Objectives:

  • Establishing world class teaching and research institute capable of conducting problem solving research for national and regional economy.
  • Developing department into dynamic think tank for conducting cutting edge research and prescribe policies for development of the economy.

Short term Objective:

  • Improving teaching quality and course contents to become at par with the national and international standards
  • Encouraging students to select topics related to practical and relevant issues of national and regional economy.
  • Organizing seminars (online or at campus) for knowledge dissemination through inviting speakers of national repute.
  • Organizing workshops for capacity development of teaching faculty.

Faculty Profile:

NamesDesignationHighest QualificationDate of Appointment
1Dr. Hina ShafiqAssistant ProfessorPh.D13.10.2004  
2Ms. Zinaz AishaAssistant ProfessorM.Phil/Ph.D in progress05.03.2007  
3Ms. Salma KhanAssistant ProfessorM.Phil22.12.2010  
4Ms. Erum AbbasAssistant ProfessorM.Phil/enrolled in Ph.D22.12.2010  
5Ms. Farzana Sher MohammadAssistant ProfessorM.Phil09.07.2012  
6Ms. Mehwish ShehzadLecturerMasters13.10.2004
7Ms. Seher IqbalLecturerMasters01.10.2005
8Ms. Madiha ImtiazLecturerM.Phil22.12.2010
9Ms. ShumailaAshfaqLecturerMasters/M.Phil in progress09.07.2012
10Ms. Shabana AghaInternM.Phil16.04.2019


  • Post Budget Seminar

Economics department successfully held post budget seminar on 17th June 2019. Dr. WasimShahid Malik, Professor SBP Chair, university of Peshawar was the guest speaker. Dr. Wasim, with his profound knowledge and understanding of the Pakistan economy, delivered a memorable lecture. It was a great learning experience for both students and faculty of Economics department.