Computer Sciences

The Program Mission Statement Department of Computer Sciences

The Department of Computer Science mission is to build skilled nation and to achieve distinction at national level by providing outstanding education and research training to students by which they can secure their future in market / discipline oriented fields.

Department is trying its utmost efforts for peculiarity in research, teaching and applied aspects as well as services covering the fundamental of computer science. Faculty of Computer Science will launch nationally and internationally recognized research programs in the field of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Complexity, Database Systems, Data Mining, Distributed Systems and Networks, and Software Engineering and Programming Languages as well.

Program objectives:

The Program Mission Statement

The mission of information technology department is to develop female IT professionals to better understand the technologies, to sustain their professional and leadership skills in future.

Program objectives:                         

  • To provide a secure reliable technology environment to the students, to positively contribute in the society
  • To collaborate in teams
  • Generate knowledge in various disciplines of IT to meet the I.T industry requirements.
  • Encourage the female students to set new trends by integrating technology in real world problems and innovate methods to help the local community, private sector and government institutions overcome their technological challenges.
  • Identify and evaluate current technologies and assess their applicability to address individual and organizational needs in future .