Bio Chemistry


Biochemistry is the branch of the life sciences devoted to understanding the mechanisms by which living organisms carry out their many functions in complete, molecular detail.  It is inherently interdisciplinary in nature and fundamental to every other branch of the life and biomedical sciences.

Programs Offered in Biochemistry Department

  1. Bachelors program

Four years BS in Biochemistry. Students of FSc (Pre-Medical) or A level with Biology and securing at least 60% marks or equivalent are eligible.

  • Maters program

Two years M.Sc in Biochemistry. Students of B.Sc with Chemistry, Botany and Zoology securing at least 60% marks or equivalent are eligible

Future Programs

  • MPhil
  • PhD


To be a center of excellence in education and research to produce globally competent professional minds with human values and ethics to serve the society by taking part in industrial, scientific, innovation, academic and research activities.

Mission Statement

Producing competent biochemists having necessary knowledge, analytical and leadership abilities, critical thinking and ethical values to cope up with the technological challenges and to effectively deliver real products and services for the benefit of the society.


The program of Biochemistry will achieve the following objectives

  1. To understand the basic concepts about structure and chemistry of biomolecules.
  2. To prepare students for future careers in the various fields in which a core understanding of the biochemistry of biological processes is important. Scientific disciplines such as human biochemistry, clinical biochemistry and biotechnology will enhance the understanding of human health.
  3. To benefit the society on the whole by adding to the highly skilled scientific workforce, particularly for the biomedical research sectors, in the academic, industry as well as for research laboratories.
  4. To have in depth understanding on all the human biochemical aspects pertaining to the well-being and in the pathological state.

Job/ Career Opportunities

Biochemistry is the branch of science. It refers to study of chemical processes within living organism. There is a huge scope and demand of Biochemistry in Pakistan, they can:

  • Work in provincial and also in federal government departments and institues
  • Serve in biochemical industries
  • Have jobs in hospitals
  • Get jobs in agricultural firms and agricultural industries
  • Work in food production companies and food security department
  • Serve in the research institutes
  • Get jobs in education and also in some linked sectors
  • Have jobs in the pharmaceutical industries
  • Serve in forensic department
  • Work in the diagnostic labs
  • Prepare ethno pharmaceutical products and can get their patents to market them.


Latest curriculum of HEC are followed for teaching the courses of BS and MSc after approval in Boards of studies. Biochemistry Department has provision of Multimedia, Internet and Computer Facilities and necessary chemicals and glassware in the laboratories.