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Carmudi PK Scholarship Program
Carmudi offers the hardworking students at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's Uinversity the Carmudi Scholarship Program in BS- 2014.
Qualifying Criteria
  1.  Ages 17+
  2. Students in Economics, Business, Engineering, IT, Marketing or relevant majors in any participating partner university
  3. 3.5+ GPA / 4 ​
  4. Reference letter from the participating partner university OR a copy of the university student card confirming that the student is enrolled at the university
Deadline: 20th of December, 2015
Term: One student per semester annually
 Amount: PKR 30,000 (per term)
How to Apply
 The applicant is required to write a 500 word “Letter of Intent” (English) explaining why he/she is interested in availing the Carmudi Scholarship and why he/she deserves this financial aid. Please send your applications to:
or visit
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