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Curriculum Vitae
Vice Chancellor, SBK Women's University Quetta.
Dean Faculty of Life Science, SBK Women's University.


Quaid-a-azam University Islamabad – Pakistan

2007: Ph.D in Plant Pathology with specialization
2003: M.Phil in Cell Biology with specialization

University of Balochistan Quetta, Pakistan

1986: M.Sc in Plant Taxonomy
1983: B.Sc (Bachelor of Science)

Professional Experience

2013-upto now:
Controller of Examination (Acting Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta - Pakistan.)
2012upto now:
Professor PBS.21 Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta - Pakistan.
2012 March-2012 April:
Registrar Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta - Pakistan
2011 - upto now:
Dean, Faculty of Science, Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta , Pakistan.
2009 - upto now:
Chairperson of Department of Plant Science, Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta , Pakistan. 2010-2011: Director Of Quality Enhance Cell (QEC)
2009 - 2011:
Associate Professor Plant Sciences at Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta , Pakistan.
2005 - 2009:
Principal at Government Girls College Noshki Balochistan, Pakistan.
2005 - 2009:
Associate Professor Plant Sciences at Government Girls College Noshki, Pakistan.
1995- 2005:
Assistant Professor Plant Sciences Government Girls College Quetta Cantt, Pakistan
1988 - 1995:
Lecturer at Department of Plant Sciences, Government Girls College Sibi and Government Girls College Quetta Cantt, Pakistan`

Teaching Experiences

25 Years of teaching experience at,, Master /M.phil level.

Technical Skill

Skillful and expert in the following techniques:

• Identifying the flora of Pakistan, Specially Balochistan and Islamabad.
• Pressing, preserving plants.
• Medicinal plant of Pakistan
• Karyotyping technique
• Knowledge about SDS page
• Screening plants Antimicrobial activity.
• Performing antimicrobial Susceptibility test.
• Pxtraction of plant extracts.
• Organic extraction through Soxlet, s apparatus.
• Organic extraction through Soxlet, s apparatus.
• Glass house assay.
• Field assay
• Phytochemical studies
• Isolation and extraction of Chemical compounds
• Purification of chemical Compounds by Column
• Chromatography technique.
• Purification of chemical compounds by thin layer chromatography • Bio-autographic assay.
• Characterization chemical compounds.


Published in peer reviewed jornals:

• 2012:Jabeen R, Ifthikar T, Mengal T (2012) A comperative chromosomal count and Morphological karyotyping of three indigenouse cultivars of Kolongi (Nigella sativa. L). Pak. J. Bot. 44(33).
• 2012:Jabeen R, Iftikhar T, Batool H (2012) Isolation, Characterization, Preservation And Pathogenicity Test Of Xanthomonas Oryzae Pv. Oryzae Causing Blb Disease In Rice. Pak. J. Bot., 44(1): 261-265.
• 2012:Iftikhar T, Niaz M, Zia M.A, Sadaf M, Jabeen R (2012) Production Potential of Locally Isolated Strain of Fusarium Solani (Mbl 24) For Extracellular Lipases. Pak. J. Bot., 44(1): 393-398.
• 2012:Ahmad S.S, Abbasi Q.A, Jabeen R, Shah M.T (2012) Decline of Conifer Forest Cover In Pakistan: A Gis Approach. Pak. J. Bot., 44(2): 511- 514.
• 2012:Khattak M.I, Jabeen R (2012) Detection of Heavy Metals In Leaves of Melia Azedarach And Eucalyptus Citriodora As Biomonitring Tools In The Region Of Quetta Valley. Pak. J. Bot., 44(2): 675-681.
• 2012:Iftikhar T, Niaz M, Ali E.A, Jabeen R, Abdullah R (2012) Production Process Of Extracellular Lipases By Fusarium Sp. Using Agricultural Byproducts. Pak. J. Bot., 44(Special Issue March 2012): 335-339.
• 2011:Iftikhar T, Niaz M, Jabeen R, Haq I (2011) Purification and characterization extracellular lipases. Pak. J. Bot., 43(3): 1541-1545.
• 2011:Kakar S-R, Wahid A, Tareen R.B, Kakar S.A, Jabeen R (2010) Impact of municipal wastewaters of Quetta city on some oilseed crops of pakistan: effects on biomass, physiology and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus l.) Pak. J. Bot., 43(3): 1477-1484.
• 2011:Jabeen R, Ashraf M, Ahmad I, Iftikhar T (2011) Purification and bioassays of bioactive fraction from curcuma longa against xanthomonas oryzae pv.oryzae causing blb disease in rice. Pak. J. Bot., 43(2): 1335-1342.
• 2011:Iftikhar T, Niaz M, Nisa Z, Tariq A, KhalidM.N, Jabeen R (2011) Optimization of cultural conditions for the biosynthesis of lipases by penicillium chrysogenum (mbl22) through solid state fermentation. Pak. J. Bot., 43(4): 2201-2206.
• 2011:Jabeen R (2011) Medicinal Plants - A Potent Antibacterial Source Against Bacterial Leaf Blight (Blb) Of Rice. Pak. J. Bot., 43(Special Issue- December 2011): 111-118.
• 2011:Iftikhar T, Niaz M, Zia M.A, Jabeen R, Aftab M.N (2011) Biosynthesis of Extracellular Lipases by Bacillus Sp. (Mblb-3) In Relation To The Nutritional Conditions. Pak. J. Bot., 43(5): 2587- 2591.
• 2011: Iftikhar T, Niaz M, Anwer M, Abbas S.Q, Saleem M, Jabeen R (2011) Ecological Screening of Lipolytic Cultures and Process Optimization For Extracellular Lipase Production From Fungal Hyperproducer. Pak. J. Bot., 43(2): 1343-1349.
• 2011:Jabeen R, Rahman S, Rais A (2011) Evaluating Blb Resistance / Aggressivness in Rice through best Inoculum Concentration, Inoculation and Application Methods. Pak. J. Bot., 43(5): 2635-2638.
• 2010:Rais A, jabeen R, Saeed M. (2010) Effecs of light and temperature on seeds germination of 3 species of Labiate. Journal of biol. (3):44-51
• 2009: Jabeen R, Ahraf M, Ahmad I (2009) Evaluating the effects of cold water diffusates against Xanthomonas oryzae Pv. oryzae causing bacterial leaf blight (BLB) in rice. Archives Of Phytopathology And Plant Protection, Volume 42(2) 173-187.
• 1996:Tareen R.B, Qadir S.A, Jabeen R (1996) Seed germination of some common plants of Balochistan. Pak.J.Pl.Sci 291:17-21.
• 1987:Tareen R.B, Qadir S.A, Jabeen R (1987) Seed germination of some tree, shrubs, and undershrubs of Balochistan. Mod. Trends Pl .sci. Res .Pak. 2-4.
• 1987:Tareen R.B, Qadir S.A, Jabeen R (1987) Seed germination if some herbaceouse plants of Baluchistan. Mod. Trends Pl .sci. Res .Pak. 68- 71.
• 2012: Misbah Manzoor, Mufakhirah durrani, Rukhsana Jabeen, Shazia Irfan, Ayesha Luqman, Sidra Bibi(2012) medicinal folk remedies of vegetable. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2 (1) (2013) 1-11
• 2012 :Misbah Manzoor, Mufakhirah jan Durrani, Rukhsana Jabeen, Shazia Irfan, Farkhanda Ayub, Sidra Bibi (2012) An Ethno botanical Study for the Treatment of Cancer and Malaria Used by the People of Quetta City. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 1 (2) (2012) 137-149

Accepted in peer reviewed jornals:

2012: Mengal T, Tareen R.B, Bazai Z.A, Tareen N.M, Jabeen R, Rais A.(2012) Conservation status of five medicinal plants of Distric Mastung Balochistan Pakistan Pak, Academy of Sciences.


2009: Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen, Antibacterial potential of Botanicals against BLB disease of rice VDM Germany,U.K, 2009. ISBN : 978-3-639-14621-9.
SBK Women's University
Mountain View Brewery Road, Quetta, Balochistan
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